Strength Training

_mg_8937-edit-edit-2Physiologically, regular strength training results in increased muscle fiber size and contractile strength, increased tendon and ligament tensile strength, and increased bone strength. These beneficial changes within the musculoskeletal tissue have a profound influence on your body. Not only does strength training enhance the appearance of your body and physical capacity to do work, muscle is very active tissue with high energy requirements. Even while you sleep, your skeletal muscles are responsible for more than 25% of your calorie use. The more muscle you build, the more calories you ultimately burn not only during exercise but also when your body is at rest. Muscles also act as shock absorbers and balancing agents so strength training plays and major role in reducing the risk of injury.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

JoyRunBW-300The efficiency with which you perform even simple daily activities depends on the functioning of your cardiovascular system. Conditioning this system involves the progressive adaption of both physiological and biochemical aspects of your body. In addition to improving athletic ability, it increases your overall health and longevity by decreasing heart rate during rest and exercise, increasing heart stroke volume, lowering blood pressure, and  developing higher lung volume.  These factors also contribute to changes in your body composition. Combining cardiovascular and strength training will lower your level of body fat by using fatty acids as fuel, especially during non-stop, longer duration activity.


9019-stretchFlexibility is the ability to move muscles through their full range of motion. Stretching refers to the process of elongating connective tissue, muscles and other tissues to achieve this. As you age, your muscles become less elastic so flexibility is vitally important to staying active and healthy. Stretching optimizes your learning, practice, and performance of many types of athletic movements, increases mental and physical relaxation, promotes body awareness, reduces the risk of injury and back problems, and can also reduce muscle soreness and tension.