Real people have seen a difference.  Read their stories and let them inspire you to be one of the transformed!

I have been personal training with Joy for over a year now. She has helped me achieve my goal of losing 20 lbs and 16 total inches. My body has made dramatic changes in muscle tone and agility. I can’t say enough good things about Joy and her training knowledge. She challenges me and yet we always have a great time working out. She has made getting in shape fun!”

-Debbie Markell


“Joy is just the best personal trainer ever!” – Brittney

Training can be a family affair! My daughter required a trainer who understood overall conditioning issues as well as specific sport skills. Joy was a blessing to her with knowledge as a coach as well as advice on nutrition and conditioning. Once she left for college, I took advantage of her training time for totally different reasons. She has tailored a program for me which includes strength, cardio and flexibility techniques. Getting older has been far less uncomfortable primarily due to her abilities. She must be doing something very right because my son now calls Joy for help. There are MANY people in San Diego who call themselves trainers but few who are as versatile, talented and dedicated to making it work for you!

-Jill Crusey

“I’ve been working out with Joy twice a week for seven years and the longevity of the relationship speaks volumes.  I like the variety of exercises, the focus on form and the overall vibe.  I appreciate that she can work with and around injuries I’ve sustained while surfing and that she adjusts the workouts over time to account for an athlete’s aging joints and body.  The incorporation of yoga/stretching in the last few years means I maintain flexibility, while the rest of the workout maintains my tone and core strength– and helps keep the middle age flab at bay!  She’s a professional and definitely knows her stuff.”

– M. Matthews

I first met Joy after finishing up my cancer treatments, so was not in a great place. Joy has since transformed me and my body with her unconditional support and use of exercise techniques which range from TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls and the occasional machine to a recent inclusion of yoga stretches.  I recently competed in my 3rd Sprint Triathlon and Joy was there encouraging me all the way, she is a very dedicated trainer, who cares deeply about her clients and their needs. She has provided me confidence to wear a bikini AND look good in it! Along the way she has hugely improved my self esteem and self confidence, I can truly say this is an investment into a healthy life you do not want to miss.

-Sasha Bradley

I came to Joy a couple of years ago with many repetitive use injuries from my job as a massage therapist.  One of my requests of her is that I don’t get so sore, so I can continue to get up and work the next day. I have never missed a day of work, and have found I have more strength and less pain and am able to continue with my physical job. Joy mixes up all of the work outs, and makes things lots of fun, and that makes me look forward to working out. You will not regret making an investment in your health, especially with someone as talented and caring as Joy.

-Danielle Bonney

Working with Joy ain’t just super hard-core, break-your-ass, one on one training, she has pushed me to my limit and has encouraged me to go beyond it.  I feel entirely safe and in the hands of a knowledgeable professional.  Joy is charismatic, I look forward to my time with her each week.  Having her root me on and challenge me each session makes the sweating bearable.

– Gilda Pratt