joy-standing-transpFREE first session- includes a personalized fitness evaluation & custom sample workout

  • 1 hour session $50
  • 10- 1 hour sessions $450 $50 savings
  • 20- 1 hour sessions $800 $200 savings

My style of training has largely developed from my own personal fitness philosophy. When I was young, there was nothing I couldn’t do. As a college athlete, I felt invincible. As I got older however, the ability to perform all the training, in addition to keeping up in the athletic activities I enjoyed, became increasingly difficult. My body began to break down and injuries seemed to manifest one after the other. Through my own experience as a runner, surfer and yogi in training, I’ve developed a fitness equation that allows me to feel stronger, healthier and happier than I ever was training three times as hard. What has developed for my clients and what continues to develop is a workout session that includes:

  • The flexibility and balance of yoga
  • The strength and power of weight training
  • The stamina and metabolic factor of cardio

Training sessions are held at North Park Fitness, conveniently located on University Avenue, just off I-805.

I also do home visits & boot camps. Please call for details.