joy-officeThere is nothing more motivating than seeing differences in your body. At the end of the month to see your waist go down several inches, your arms becoming more toned, and to sustain higher energy levels throughout the day.

Allow me the opportunity to continually motivate you as you progress and strive to achieve your goals.

Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Point Loma Nazarene University

  • Certified Personal Trainer for 8 years
  • Extensive Background in:
  • Distance Running and Gait Analysis
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Injury Prevention

I have been a Southern California local all my life but moved to San Diego about 11 years ago. I competed in cross country and track for PLNU while earning my degree. Originally, I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy but while working in an internship soon discovered it wasn’t for me. I wanted do something that I felt had a life-changing impact on people. Performing standardized, monotonous exercises with patients, without ever knowing if I had any real influence, was not a career objective I wanted any part of.

Currently working toward a Yoga Certification

College Level Cross Country and Track Coach

My passion for fitness has ultimately been the driving force behind all my professional decisions; which is why I got certified through ACE and started personal training and teaching group classes at a few large chain gyms. However, the large-scale sales quotas made my intentions and care for my clients feel artificial and I did not feel I was in the right environment. After working independently at a few smaller gyms in San Diego I eventually found my home at North Park Fitness.